Jaina Proudmoore
Leader of the Kirin Tor

Character Background

Lady Jaina Proudmoore was the ruler of Theramore before it was destroyed in the World of Warcraft novel Tides of War by Garrosh Hellscream unleashing a mana bomb on the city, during which time she pled for help from the Kirin Tor. While they eventually agreed to her request, their leader Rhonin was killed while teleporting Jaina to safety. At his death, the Kirin Tor appointed Jaina as their leader as she humbly requested membership into their order, likely due to her studies under Archmage Antonidas, a former leader of the Kirin Tor.

As the Kirin Tor strives to maintain a position of neutrality in the war between Horde and Alliance, Jaina finds quite a bit of time to enjoy fireside duels in Hearthstone. This could explain why she's currently one of the more popular hero choices.

Hero Power
Fireblast: Deal 1 damage.

Play Style

A mage deck strives to maintain control of the board at all times. With the mage-only Freeze mechanic, Jaina can render even the most powerful of enemy minions useless. Further, with spells like Fireball and Pyroblast, a mage is capable of going on the offensive without sacrificing defensive measures and her hero power, Fireblast, can make quick work of weak or already damaged minions. Minions like Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Mana Wyrm, and Archmage Antonidas synergize well with all the spells at Jaina's disposal while opening up more options. Antonidas grants an infinite number of the Fireball spell, bypassing the normal limit of two cards with the same name in a deck. Mana Wyrms gain one attack point for each spell cast which allows for some serious damage to an enemy hero or their minions, while Gadgetzan Auctioneer allows you to draw a card for each spell cast.

Mages are also one of three classes currently who can utilize secrets. Secrets are powerful defensive spells that activate automatically once a certain condition is met. Some, like Vaporize, Ice Barrier, and Ice Block, can all activate at the same time since their activation conditions are similar, so it isn't wise to have certain secrets active at the same time.