Malfurion Stormrage
Archdruid of the Kaldorei

Character Background

Twin brother to Illidan Stormrage, the honored student of Cenarius, and the leader of the Cenarion Circle, Malfurion was the first druid on Azeroth. Besides starting a movement that would make druidism commonplace in Night Elf society, Malfurion's own abilities helped repel the Burning Legion in their first invasion of Azeroth during what would become known as the War of the Ancients. Since then, Malfurion walked the realm of Ysera, the Emerald Dream, until shortly before Deathwing returned and caused an event that would be known as The Shattering.

When not in Darnassus with his wife Tyrande Whisperwind governing the Night Elf people or somewhere on behalf of the Cenarion Circle, Malfurion spends his time at the inn, challenging worthy opponents in fireside duels in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Hero Power
Shapeshift: +1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor.

Play Style

A Malfurion deck is similar in style to a paladin deck in that both heroes focus on buffing their minions to a degree. Druids are also much like warriors in that they're able to gain Armor through their Hero Power, Shapeshift. Even mages will find something not too unfamiliar in a druid's use of area of effect spells such as Swipe or Starfall to keep the opponent from overrunning the board with their own minions. Savage Roar is also similar to a shaman's Bloodlust.

That's where similarities with other decks end, however, as Malfurion brings two of his own inventions to the table. In the spirit of shapeshifting warriors that can fill any combat role, druid cards have a unique trait known as Choose One. When playing a card with this text, the player chooses which effect to activate. Wrath and Druid of the Claw are two such examples. This mechanic often allows a player to pick between an offensive or defensive version of a card based on the current situation in the game.

Also of note is another unique twist: the ability to gain mana crystals. Innervate works like a more powerful version of The Coin, while Wild Growth lets you gain one extra mana crystal for the rest of the game. While it would normally take a player ten turns before they have a full set of ten crystals, a druid can do so in eight if they play two Wild Growth cards. This card also negates the mana disadvantage in going second in a game and, in some cases, can place the mana disadvantage on the opponent. These two spells allow Malfurion to summon threats like Ancient of War or Ironbark Protector while the opponent has another turn or two to wait before they can bring out their bigger cards to respond, occasionally shifting control of the board back to the druid.

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